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Published On 3/20/2023
Commodore Mueller would like to thank the twenty or so intrepid "sailors" who crossed virtual stormy seas to rendezvous at our first CDSOA virtual float-in. Neither the foul weather of low bandwidth nor crash hard drives deterred our intrepid laptops and cell phones from making landfall in Zoom Harbor.

I would especially like to note that in attendance was Al Lawton. Al is member 102 (memberships started with 100) and was instrumental in the birth of the Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association. (see Alberg Fellows) It was a thrill for many of us to enjoy the twang of his accent and meet him, if only online. Al fully supports our current effort by the way and made that clear by way of attending.

A number of issues were broached but one thing is abundantly clear - the virtual format is a great opportunity to initiate on the water activities. All agreed that we should hold many more CDSOA virtual float-ins, probably monthly. Duly noted ...
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